Based in Central London, I am currently working predominantly as a freelance Composer, writing and recording tracks for music libraries & projects across the industry; with extensive additional experience in sound design, audio engineering, recording, mix & mastering for: feature films, short films, videos, advertisements and various bands/solo artists amongst others and live music performance.  My portfolio covers a vast range of musical genres including as orchestral/film score, rock, indie, pop, ambient soundscapes, hip hop, electronica and many more. I have also graduated from the University of West London (London College of Music Branch) with a Bachelors of the Arts Degree in Music Technology.

Aside from music, I love photography and film making, which I try to incorporate in any way I can into my professional work.

I am a multi-instrumentalist; having learned drums, guitar and eventually the piano from  a young age. This interest in music only grew throughout my education, as I spent secondary school playing in various bands and writing songs.   After graduating high school, I began studying for my college diploma in Music Technology in 2011; this is also where I started working on my first professional projects, writing music for short films with cinematographer and director Kyle Cowling in collaboration with media agency The Medium Creative Group.  These commercial projects included work for clients including Suzuki, Shoei Helmets, Discount Tire and many more.  It was also during this time that I composed for my first televised commercials.

Two years later having gained an Extended Diploma in Music Technology,  I then proceeded to the University of West London. During, my first academic year, I collaborated with international cinematographer and director Allan Hardy (The Dreamers Creative Media Company) with clients and artists including Jet Pilot and Bliss N Eso. This has developed into a long standing working relationship and we have since completed projects for clients such as G-Shock, Edifice, Milwaukee, Warner Bros/Movie world and Red Bull; releasing campaigns including Bicycle Motocross, the official tribute to the film BMX Bandits, G-shock/Bliss N Eso’s watch release and Red Bull/Edifice’s watch release amongst others.

In 2014, I began composing music for director Taylor Congdon on his film franchise ‘Moto - The Movie’ working on his 6th instalment. The following year I worked again on the follow up MOTO 7: The Movie doing both sound design and music; and have since worked on every film consecutively.  Also in 2015, I was invited to join the audio library companies Premiumbeat and Shutterstock Music, writing and composing original music which are available for the industry and general public to purchase.

After graduating from the University of West London in 2016, I have continued to work as a full time media composer. It was also in 2016 where I teamed up with my long term friend Director Ornela Peka, working on her short film entitled 'Granatë'.  The film was shown at both the Tirana and San Jose Film Festivals; and my first original film soundtrack is available on iTunes and Spotify.