On June 27th 2016 I began by demolishing the space's previous infrastructure with my uncle who helped me throughout the build. It took 6 months to finish the mainframe of the studio; the design is based around 'the room within a room' method to achieve more sound isolation. This includes the floating floor structure which reduces the amount of vibrations transmitted through the ground. The walls are then built upon this platform, completely separate from the existing walls in the building. Each surface in the room is lined with 75/100mm thick Rockwool RW5 insulation creating an almost completely soundproof room. The room was dry lined with soundbloc Gyproc pasterboard which adds to the density and soundproofing qualities within the space.  


To document this, I filmed every day of the build as a record of the evolution of the project. To get a sense of scale and time it took this build you can view these videos on my Youtube channel: